Event Driven Development and RabbitMQ

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Event Driven Development and RabbitMQ

Event Driven Development and RabbitMQ

author: Olha Maksymets

publication date: Mar 28, 2024

Within the company, an exciting lecture on message brokers was held, led by our expert, backend developer Mykola!

During the lecture, the basics of working with message brokers were discussed, including their role in organizing communication between services, as well as the ways they can be used in synchronous and asynchronous interactions. Mykola introduced the workings of RabbitMQ, a popular message broker, and talked about its features.

Additionally, alternatives to RabbitMQ, including Apache Kafka, were explored and compared. Participants learned which tasks are better suited for RabbitMQ and which for Apache Kafka.

Mykola provided a brief example of using RabbitMQ and shared his experience working with it on real projects. It was an excellent opportunity to learn how message brokers are applied in practice and which tasks can be effectively solved with their help.

Speaker: Mykola Prokopchuk