React SPA+Express.js: Focus on Node.js API

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React SPA+Express.js: Focus on Node.js API

React SPA+Express.js: Focus on Node.js API

author: Olha Maksymets

publication date: May 16, 2024

The company held a lecture "Building Modern Web Applications", which was presented by Ilya. The event covered the most important aspects of developing modern web applications using advanced technologies.

The lecture covered the following issues:

  • Optimality, speed of operation and ease of use as key criteria of modern web applications.
  • Project overview, including key development steps such as user authorization, CRUD operations, file uploads and the use of MongoDB middleware layers.
  • The importance of using React and Express.js technologies to build modern web applications is emphasized.
  • The main benefits of full-stack development are identified, including speeding up the development process, improving productivity and flexibility.


Full-stack development using technologies such as React and Express.js offers many benefits including faster development process, improved performance, scalability, flexibility, broad capabilities, and cost benefits. Utilizing this approach allows developers to build robust, feature-rich web applications that meet the demands of today's dynamic digital world.

Speaker: Ilya Ilyin