Serverless Spring Boot: Instant AWS Lambda

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Serverless Spring Boot: Instant AWS Lambda

Serverless Spring Boot: Instant AWS Lambda

author: Olha Maksymets

publication date: Jul 4, 2024

Lecture at the company on the topic Serverless Spring Boot: Instant startup on AWS Lambda

The lecture described the key concepts of serverless architecture using AWS Lambda. This paradigm reduces the need to provision, scale, and maintain servers and allows developers to focus more on writing business logic. However, serverless architecture has certain tradeoffs that should be considered when choosing an architecture for the API part of the project. These compromises include ColdStarts, limits on the duration of execution and initialization.

In addition, it was explained how to make Spring Boot suitable for AWS Lambda using the AWS Lambda SnapStart feature or using Spring Boot Native Support.

Finally, the lecture emphasized the cost-effectiveness of using a serverless architecture on AWS. AWS Lambda's pricing model ensures that you pay for the compute time you consume, making it a cost-effective and powerful choice for many applications, especially those with low traffic.

Speaker: Andrii Bosyk