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Video streaming musical platform

Video streaming musical platform

Project description

Having a musical background and previous successful experience in launching startups, the client came up with an idea of a musical streaming platform.


Musilla is a streaming musical platform that allows artists to stream their performances live. Fans could also join the platform to follow their favourite artists, watch their shows online, and be aware of the recent news such as upcoming concerts, etc. The platform allows artists to set up streams for free or to make it chargeable for fans.


Platform users can donate money to their favourite artists while watching the stream or even donate directly on the artists page. While watching the stream users can chat with each other. The user can choose the preselected donation amount or customise it.


The artist can review the breakdown of the earnings and the overall statistics on his/her personal dashboard.


A musical streaming platform is also a social network, which allows users to review the feed, make posts, comment, share resources such as photos, videos and links etc.


Core functionality

  • Video streaming.
  • Streaming chat.
  • Social network.
  • Payment integration with Stripe API.
  • Donations.


Delivered by IntelliCeed Inc, a video streaming musical platform is a digital solution allowing artists and fans to broadcast high quality streams in 4k.


  • Flexible networking opportunities.
  • Convenient platform for artists to increase their revenue and popularity.
  • High quality streaming for musicians.
  • Attractive interface & flawless user experience.
  • Now fans can be closer to their favorite artists.
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Project challenges



While investigating streaming tools and solutions, we went through numerous systems such as:


For the best video streaming quality we suggested our client to pay attention on Wowza. Wowza supports plugins written in Java. Plugins could be implemented as a ready made solution, customized according to the project’s specific requirements or developed from scratch. Custom plugin development covered all the security purposes, as well specific settings in the streaming. It is also became a valuable opportunity to securely manage monetization on the platform.


Front-end development hours


Back-end development hours


QA hours


PM hours

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