Revolutionizing Online Tutoring with AI

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Revolutionizing Online Tutoring with AI

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Revolutionizing Online Tutoring with AI

Djema - Revolutionizing Online Tutoring with AI



Djema is an innovative AI-powered online tutoring platform that aims to democratize education by providing free, engaging content, including classes, videos, and quizzes. The platform incorporates an adaptive AI tutor that offers personalized learning experiences, making educational goals more accessible to learners worldwide.



Problem Statement

While Djema offers a vast repository of free content, the computational power required for the AI tutor incurs costs. Djema has addressed this challenge by introducing a subscription model, pricing the AI tutor at $3.9 per month, to ensure accessibility while covering computational expenses.



Functionality Overview

Djema boasts a robust set of features, catering to students, administrators, and mentors. The core functionalities include:

  • Studying in the Chosen Language and Education System:Students can select their preferred language and education system, ensuring learning materials are tailored to their needs.
  • Tree-Structured Education Systems:Admins have the ability to create and edit tree-structured education systems, comprising classes, subjects, themes, and chapters.
  • Learning Materials Generation with GPT-4:The platform leverages GPT-4 for generating theory, videos, and exercises, providing accurate and advanced results.
  • Automatic Learning Materials Translation with GPT-4:GPT-4 facilitates automatic translation of generated content, enhancing accessibility for learners globally.
  • Student-Mentor Association:Djema fosters a collaborative learning environment by facilitating associations between students and mentors.
  • Messaging:The platform includes a messaging feature, allowing seamless communication between students and mentors.
  • Parent Access:Parents can access their child’s progress and engage with the learning process through a dedicated portal.
  • Student, Mentor, and Content Management:Comprehensive management tools for students, mentors, and content, ensuring a smooth learning experience.




  • Student App:User-friendly sign-up, sign-in, and password recovery features.
  • Class and subject selection with a well-organized list of topics and chapters.
  • Account settings for personalized adjustments.
  • Admin Dashboard:Management of tree-structured education systems.
  • Chapter creation and content organization.
  • Theory generation and exercise creation using GPT-4.
  • Translation of generated content.
  • Technical overview for approving GPT-generated output.
Djema gallery image
Djema gallery image


Djema’s implementation of AI-driven personalization has revolutionized online tutoring. The platform’s adaptive learning approach, coupled with GPT-4-powered content generation, has proven to be effective in improving student grades. The subscription model strikes a balance between accessibility and sustainability, ensuring the platform’s continued growth and impact on global education.

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