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Building requirements system

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Building requirements system


Mosaic Golden Thread is a comprehensive building requirements system in the UK that plays a pivotal role in simplifying and centralizing the management of documents, information, people, and tasks associated with buildings. This case study delves into the core features and objectives of the Mosaic Golden Thread system, emphasizing its role in upholding the Golden Thread rule for both occupied and yet-to-be-constructed buildings.


The Challenge

Managing the vast array of documents, information, and responsibilities related to buildings is a complex task. Ensuring compliance with the Golden Thread rule, which mandates the meticulous documentation of building information throughout its lifecycle, presents an even greater challenge. Mosaic Golden Thread recognized the need for a streamlined solution that could address these challenges effectively.


The Solution: Mosaic Golden Thread System

The Mosaic Golden Thread system provides a comprehensive solution that caters to both existing and forthcoming buildings, ensuring compliance with the Golden Thread rule. Key components and objectives of the system include:

  1. 1. Document Management: The system serves as a centralized repository for all documents related to buildings. These documents can be stored and organized for each building, enabling easy access and retrieval.
  2. 2. Role-Based Access: Different roles within the system come with specific responsibilities. Notably, the main role of “Principal Accountable Person” has exclusive registration rights.
  3. 3. User Management: A user-friendly form allows for the addition of new users and the assignment of roles to them, ensuring that individuals are assigned responsibilities based on their roles.
  4. 4. Occupied Buildings: The objective for this project is to create a new website that accommodates the Golden Thread rule for occupied buildings. It ensures that all required information and documents are readily available, with access for responsible parties.
  5. 5. Construction Phase: Additionally, the existing Mosaic website will be updated to align with the Golden Thread rule for buildings under construction. This update aims to provide a seamless transition for both occupied and under-construction buildings, offering complete information and document management.
  6. 6. Integration: The system facilitates a connection between the Golden Thread app and the Mosaic app, allowing for the import of existing documents and information via API when a project is converted into a building.
  7. 7. Automated Reminders: Mosaic Golden Thread employs a rule-based system to send reminders to users when specific documents or actions need attention. This ensures that responsibilities are fulfilled in a timely manner.


Benefits and Impact

The Mosaic Golden Thread system offers several significant benefits:

  • Streamlined Compliance: It simplifies and automates the process of adhering to the Golden Thread rule for both existing and upcoming buildings, reducing the risk of non-compliance.
  • Efficient Documentation: Centralized document storage and management enhance accessibility and accountability, ensuring that all stakeholders have access to vital information. *User-Friendly Interface: The system’s intuitive design and role-based access make it user-friendly, allowing for seamless adoption by all parties involved.
  • Integration Capabilities: The integration between the Golden Thread app and Mosaic app simplifies data migration and ensures consistency in information management. Timely Notifications: Automated reminders help users stay on top of their responsibilities, reducing the likelihood of missed deadlines.



Mosaic Golden Thread represents a significant advancement in building requirements management, ensuring compliance with the Golden Thread rule for both occupied and under-construction buildings. By centralizing document storage, automating reminders, and offering role-based access, the system streamlines building information management while enhancing accountability and efficiency.

Mosaic Golden Thread is poised to transform the way building requirements are managed, simplifying compliance with regulations and facilitating effective communication and documentation throughout the building’s lifecycle.

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