Electronic health records (EHR) system

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Electronic health records (EHR) system

Electronic health records (EHR) system

Project background

We have received a request to develop a healthcare system that can cover the basic needs of private clinic staff to maintain patient records and provide all internal communication between doctors and managers. The global goal of this product was to centralize all these disparate processes and reduce them to use a single system that would give doctors all the necessary tools for saving, monitoring, and exchanging information related to the treatment process.


Project description

A clinic portal is a physician’s platform for managing patient’s visit records, reviewing the progress of treatment, and communication with medical staff. According to the roles restrictions there are three basic dashboards:


  • For physician.
  • For middle-level doctor.
  • For medical assistant.

Starting from the medical assistance side, the system generates a visit record of clinic patients. Visit record includes:


  • Diagrammatic representation of patient’s treatment progress.
  • Notes on assessment.
  • Vital science and labs info.
  • Initial health parameters.
  • Diagnosis.

Based on medical staff roles, an assistant pushes a record to a physician assigned to a specific patient, and the physician can share a record with a middle-level doctor.

All the data stored and archived. Always available for physicians to review the notes, intermediate results, and patients feedback.


Project challenges

  • Providing medical staff with the flexible and complex system of managing visit records.
  • Covering all the basic work needs of a doctor, including electronic communication with the patient and colleagues.
  • Convenient system for receiving and displaying feedback on the patient's condition during treatment.
  • Integration with the main databases of medical terms, medications and supplements vocabularies.


Core functionality

  • Multi-tenancy, role & permissions management.
  • Health system, clinics, doctors management.
  • FHIR API externalization, connecting to laboratory data
  • Integration with smart devices.
  • Event/encounters, SOAP notes, and addendums management.
  • Medical dictionaries.
  • WebRTC utilization for telemedicine module.
  • HIPAA compliance.
  • Automated scheduling.
  • SNOMED integration / RxNorm database
  • Archiving records.
  • Messaging system (text, video, audio, documents, message
templates library).


Using the clinic portal application, medical institutions have a common centralized system for keeping records of patient visits, which covers several basic tasks, such as:


  • Archive of past and current visit records, which is always available for doctor to review and update.
  • Flexible graph visualizer of patient’s feedback on general health state.
  • Patient’s face sheet integrated with the basic and worldwide recognized databases of medical terminology and medication vocabularies.
  • Complex messaging system to give physicians an ability to communicate with colleagues and patients, chatting & sending files of different formats (video, audio, documents).
  • Library of messages templates for quick information exchange.
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Technology stack

Java, React, AWS.



Web Application.

Data Visualisation.

Data collection (integration with Google Forms).

Dashboard (3 types).

Messaging System.

Quality Assurance.

Admin Panel.

Cloud Infrastructure Design.


Team structure

2 Back-end developer.

2 Front-end developer.

1 QA.

1 Lead Architect | CTO.

1 Project Manager.

1 DevOps.

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